Monday, August 15, 2011

THIS IS ME.. will make my dream come tRUe!!

i've always been the kind of girl
That hidden my face
So afraid to tell the world
What i've got to say
But i have this dream
Right insde of me
I'm gonna let it show
It's time to let u know
To let u know..

This is real, this is me
I'm exactly where i'm supposed to be now
Gonna let the light shine on me
Now i've found who i am
There's no way to hold it in
No more hiding who i wanna be
This is me...

Do u know what it's like
To feel so in the dark
To dream about a life
Where's you are the shining star
Eventhough it seems
Like it's easy too far away
I have to believe in myself
It's the only way

repeat c/o

You're the voice i hear inside my head
The reason that i'm singing
i need to find you, i gotta find you..

You're the missing piece i need
The song inside of me
I need to find you, i gotta find you..

repeat c/o

lagu ni buat mira teringat balik ape yg mira kjar dri kecil smpailah skrang.. dan skrang, impian mira hmpir mnjadi realiti.. bakal guru di Universiti Perguruan Sultan Idris.. tu cita2 mira dari dulu lagi.. Thnks to ALLAH for given me this great present!!

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